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.................leave me alone.....

5/31/05 03:51 pm - warped_poet

I want to pierce my heart
and watch as it bleeds
See the blood spill
and watch as it feeds

I want to see the scars
that lie on my heart
and transfer them to flesh
and watch as the red sea parts

I want to fee the pain
that has driven me to here
to relive past memories
and re-cry every tear

I want never to forget
why I am the way I am
I want to be at peace
and stop living like a lamb

11/28/04 01:35 am - _brokenpurity_ - Thoughts for the Anonymous Luke

I was just wondering
If you still heard my voice
whispering in your ear

Or if you forgot
all of the things
you used to hold so dear

I was just wondering
If you were the same
boy i used to know

Or if you had changed
If you've forgotten my name
If you decided to let it go

I was just wondering
if it's not too much trouble
answer me just one last thing

Do you still love me?
Cuz i still love you
And I was just

11/26/04 10:52 pm - warped_poet - Bah hum bug!

I just updated/coustimized my journals....they still look crapy...but at least i know how to do some kewl things and other stuff...tell me wha you think of this...encourage other to join...my comunity feels lonley...help me...

I made a promise in my mind
I wouldn't obsess over you
But I am finding with in time
Thats a difficult thing to do

I find myself wanting to look
I anxiously wait for that time
When I will drop my favoite book
cause you have entered the line

I want so much to be happy
but people say that's worng
so that'shy I write this sappy
crappy poem slash love song

I just want to be able
to go up to you and say
I saw you from my table
and just wanted to say hey

I want to not think about him
so much it hurts to think
But still my love steams
and my heart begins to sink

So to all my friends who mock and critizie
I say butt out and shut your frinkin trap
I dont sight your problems from cold eyes
When you complain about your own crap

11/21/04 10:05 pm - _brokenpurity_

i am not invincible,
i do not know all,
i don't know how to help you
so watch me as i fall

how to conquer vanity
how to wrestle fear
how to make them listen
how to make them hear

why the rain is coming down
why the choir sings
why we have to face this pain
why we can't have wings

cry on me
cuz i don't know
how to end your woe

share my pain
i'll be right here
right beside you dear

11/19/04 10:19 pm - warped_poet

I have made this community and haven't even used it latley.. God I hate myself
What do you think this shpould be titlteld....please feel free to correct my spelling..idk tonight

The knife sharp and cold
pierces my tender flesh
while new scars become old
And the pain is new and fresh

While my flesh parts like the Sea
and a new uforia is found
I've only tortured me
while others sat around

They dont see my pain
they are blind to my tears
For they play their own game
while I weep unto my fears

I weep for what I am
a stupid niave girl
I weep for what I never can
a brave happy girl

I weep because I'm sad
and because others dont know the truth
I weep because I'm mad
so very mad at you.

8/27/04 11:46 pm - _brokenpurity_ - oh the suckiness

give everything you ever had
for red petals on your arm
everyone you've ever loved
for sharp dripping harm
trade everything so close to you
for flowing scarlet wine
a deeper line above your knee
a pretty scarlet design

in the midst of everything
i cherish in my life
nothing is so sweet
as the cold bladed knife
never could it be the same
as the blood that flows from my veins

life is not as simple
as they've made it out to be
cannot hold on, cannot let go
just turn away from me
nothing's gunna be the same
can't stop the stinging pain
inside and out, it won't go away
just let me go insane

7/10/04 10:12 pm - warped_poet - Moon!!!

The moon sparkels on the pond
dimonds glimmer before my eyes
of this place I am too fond

A full mooon lay it face on my bed
beanthe the trees and the sky
the moist grong under my head
a beautiful lovely night

The stars like the sky above
and I swear it sings to me
a song sweeter than love
a song that sets me free

In the sky there is no clouds
Not one thing is wrong tonight
a cricket does make a sound
but all is alright

The moon shimmers on the ground
lighting the floor beneath my feet
Ohh beatiful moon I have found
in you shealther from my feat

7/9/04 11:02 pm - lustings - Hola!

Yay I joined :). Heehee. My cheeseburger!!!! *Hugs* I probably have it mixed up. ;) Heehee.

I am so hungry. :( The nickname always makes me hungry. No fair.

6/19/04 08:11 pm - warped_poet

To do a list of all the things I fear
Would take too long, more than a year
But to help shorten up the list
to tell you my biggest fear is this

To do a list of all I love
Would be too bland, and a little tough
But to help shorten up this list
to tell you my biggest hate is this

To do a list of all I want
would just be a lie, a front
But to help shorten up this list
to tell you my dying wish is this

To make a list of all I need
there would be only a few things
to show you this specail list
all i really need is this
love, peace, understanding, and to be free
from my biggest fear, my biggest hate, my biggest want
to be free from me is all I need
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