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Bah hum bug!

I just updated/coustimized my journals....they still look crapy...but at least i know how to do some kewl things and other stuff...tell me wha you think of this...encourage other to join...my comunity feels lonley...help me...

I made a promise in my mind
I wouldn't obsess over you
But I am finding with in time
Thats a difficult thing to do

I find myself wanting to look
I anxiously wait for that time
When I will drop my favoite book
cause you have entered the line

I want so much to be happy
but people say that's worng
so that'shy I write this sappy
crappy poem slash love song

I just want to be able
to go up to you and say
I saw you from my table
and just wanted to say hey

I want to not think about him
so much it hurts to think
But still my love steams
and my heart begins to sink

So to all my friends who mock and critizie
I say butt out and shut your frinkin trap
I dont sight your problems from cold eyes
When you complain about your own crap
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